"Fellowship is one of the very important things in the Church. If you have fellowship, you have a good Church. If there is no fellowship, then there is nothing worthwhile" ... "Fellowship is a great thing. But it does not just simply exist. It is something we must work at to establish, and to maintain, and to let it continue. The lifeline of the church is fellowship. Let us work at it fervently." Elder Afton E. Richards, The Banner of Love

Cantonese Bible Study Group

The group meets weekly after Sunday Worship for Bible study to deepen our understanding of God’s word through open discussion. We also have time for sharing and prayer.

Cantonese Prayer & Sharing Group

The group meets after Sunday Worship on the 1st and 3rd week of the month. It is a group for our elderly members to share their life events, to learn to give thanks and to entrust God, to gain Bible knowledge and to pray together.

English "Ichthus" Fellowship

Our weekly Bible Study is held on every Wednesday evening at church. We also have monthly prayer meeting and Men’s and Women’s Fellowship. Through learning and sharing together, we strive to be a group of people that pleases God.

Mandarin Fellowship

Every Friday we meet to understand our faith through sharing our lives, studying the Bible, attending talks, having meals and a lot more. We pray for each other, and build each other in the love of God.


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