About our church

Our Mission: To enable seekers and belivers to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The Chinese Evangelical Church in Edinburgh was founded in April 1996. Our church worship was held at Holy Corner in Morningside for 8 years, before moving to our current location in Mayfield, in 2004. Although originally conceived as a bilingual Cantonese and English speaking Church, a rise in the number of Mandarin speaking people in Edinburgh has led to the inclusion of Mandarin in the Sunday Service. The church now has separate services for Chinese and English. Please click here to view the church constitution.

Brief Chronology of the Church

Sunday services held by the Chinese Evangelical Church in Edinburgh (CECE) started in May by a group of Chinese Christians. The group consisted of local residents and students originally from Hong Kong and Singapore. The aim was to worship and to share the Gospel with Chinese people in the Edinburgh area.

Edinburgh Taiwanese Christian Group (ETCG) founded by a group of Taiwanese Christians to share and witness the Gospel to Mandarin speaking students.

The Mandarin ministry begins. ETCG joins the Church with a monthly Mandarin Sunday worship service.

The English ministry commences weekly Sunday services.

Cantonese and Mandarin Sunday services combine to form a bilingual Sunday service.

Relocation to our present meeting place, the Mayfield Salisbury Church in August. The Fife Christian fellowship was formed with CECE’s support as an outreach effort in the Fife region. The group meets every Monday for Bible studies and fellowship.

In its 10th anniversary year, the Church appoints its first full-time pastor, Maurie Sween.

The Church appoints a full-time pastor, Joseph Chi.

The Church appoints a full-time pastor, Ian Ching.

The Church appoints a part-time pastor, Angus Moyes, for the English ministry.

The Church appoints two full-time pastors, John-William Noble and Alvin Lee, for English ministry and Chinese ministry respectively.

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